Mrs. Geiwitz

Mrs. Geiwitz

Hello!  I am Mrs. Geiwitz, Elementary Art Teacher for grades K-3 at Cataract Elementary, Southside Elementary, and Lakeview Montessori. I have been teaching art in the Sparta Area School District since the year 2000. In the past, I have taught at many schools in the district including Maplewood, Lakeview, Lawrence Lawson, Cataract and Leon as well as at the High School. My husband teaches at High Point Charter School, and both of our children attend Sparta Schools.  We live in La Crosse and carpool together from La Crosse to Sparta.

We will be creating many new and interesting Art projects. The students will have Art class for one hour every six days. We will start the year by learning about the expectations in the Art room. The first lessons we will learn about are the elements of Art, concentrating at first on Line, Shape and Color.  We will use lots of different materials to create Art.  The students will draw, paint, and create with clay.  They will learn how to weave and to create prints and much more!

In March, there is an Art exhibit of the children's work at the Sparta Free Library.  It will celebrate March being Youth Art Month.  The elementary schools will all have student work on display at the library.

I value the process of creating art, and not just the product or outcome of a project. Children can create art in many ways. I encourage you to offer art materials at home to enable your child to draw, paint, or cut up magazines and make a collage. You would be surprised at how creative children can be when given tools to create!

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child and his/her development in Art -please feel free to contact me at Southside, Cataract or Lakeview Montessori.


Mrs. Denise Geiwitz

*I am always on the look out for donations of supplies, if you have any extra buttons, paper bags, yarn, fabric scrap, or anything else you think we could use to create art, please contact me, or send it in with your child.  It is much appreciated!  We love to recycle!